This is a house we did in Hurlingham. We mainly re did their façade of the house and modernised it, putting in aluminium doors and windows, adding an overhang of the roof to create a seating deck area and added the deck. The house was old farmstyle and this modernised it significantly. The bathrooms were also redone. The master bathroom is elegant with the long triple pendant lights above the basin vanity. The client likes the wood texture so we added wood to the cupboard and vanity details and finished it all off with a woodland fern wallpaper completing the forest feel. The other bathrooms we added new vanities and mirrors, one had a new focal point wall painted in a darker colour behind the new Victoria and Albert freestanding bath, accented with a Mandala. The other bathroom we picked a colour from the mosaic in the shower and painted the wall behind the new vanity and mirror for an accent wall. Tip: always bevel the mirrors if possible it really adds a classy and glamorous final touch. In the library all we did was add cushions to the existing bench creating a cosy little reading nook.