Our home should be our sanctuary. It needs to be the place we feel safe in, the place we are happy in, and also the place that brings us peace. It certainly should not cause anxiety in any form. A home is our safe igloo, certainly during this Covid-19 pandemic.

For the reasons above, we become homemakers. Nesting instinct. Right? No! Not all of us are natural decorators, nor born scientists for that matter! Play to your strengths and rely on others to fill in where you can’t. That is why I hire an accountant to do my tax and a mechanic to fix my car. Hiring a decorator can save you money! The reason for this is no mistakes are made and money is spent on the things that make a difference. Let me elaborate…

A stunning vase made by an artist can set you back a few thousand Rands, so can a sofa. What is more essential to you? One sofa from one supplier can be much cheaper than another, but what is their quality like? Will the sofa you saw in the big warehouse display fit into your lounge? It’s not just a case of measuring it, are the proportions right? We are trained in these aspects as it’s our job.

So, the first point is: Spend your money on the items that will last you a long time and not on the latest furniture trends, that will disappear soon. In other words, spend money on your bed, dining table, chairs, and sofa whereas coffee tables are generally cheaper and can be changed relatively easily. A big surprise for most of my clients is the price of chairs. A dining table costs similar to perhaps two chairs, but you need 4, 6, or even 8. Think of how much more is involved in making a chair. Another thing to consider is the upkeep of this big-ticket item. If the dining chair is upholstered, will you be having it cleaned regularly? If not, instead choose a wood or steel chair.

The fashion accessories for a home should be the bits you spend the least on. They will go out of style, and you won’t mind replacing them if they didn’t cost too much.

Soft furnishings are a great way to change your home and update it. If you buy a neutral sofa, the cushions on it can easily be changed. You can swop them out seasonally too. Use “warm colours” in Winter and “cool colours” in Summer. These small items can make a radical difference in a room, but don’t break the bank.

Couch Decor by Nancy Interior Design

(Image Source: Portfolio-Sandton Apartment)

Bed Decor by Nancy Interior Designs

Couch Decor by Nancy Interior Designs









(Image Source: Nancy Designs)

When it comes to tableware, I usually recommend neutrals. Then you can change things up with more affordable glasses or napkins, and even flowers! Your table need never look the same even though you are using the same white plates.

Table Decor by Nancy Design Interior Table Decor by Nancy Design Interior

Table Decor by Nancy Interior Design










(Image Source: Nancy Designs)

Paint is a great tool. One word: Chalk paint. This product has revolutionised home DIY. It is so much easier with far less sanding involved and is long-lasting when appropriately treated. You can easily buy a cheap pine table, paint it, or source your neighbourhood’s online portals for furniture being sold. If the item is solid and is a classic style, it’s well worth getting and giving it a lick of paint. You will be proud of your masterpiece, and you will have saved yourself money. Always a great feeling!

A focal point wall is another great use of paint. It doesn’t have to be just one colour either, you can do stripes, for example. This is cheaper than wallpaper and much longer-lasting. On the other hand wallpaper is a fantastic decorating tool that I use all the time.

Plant Decor by Nancy Interior Design

(Image Source: Nancy Designs)

Plants are another great way to liven up your home! The latest trend in indoor plants is either the big leaves and palms or the water-wise succulents and air plants. The trick is not to over water nor underwater. Set up a reminder on your phone to water once a week in winter and three times a week in summer.

Plant Decor Advice by Nancy Interior Design

(Image Source: Unsplash)

Own your home, and by that, I mean, put some pictures of you, your family and friends in your home. This will remind you of good times and generally gives off great vibes.

Keep your home tidy, and no, I am not your mother speaking! Clutter and mess cloud the brain making you feel depressed and less effective in doing your tasks. So many of us are working from home at the moment, so it is even more important. If possible, separate your workspace from your living space. The ideal situation is to be able to “close the door” so that you aren’t disturbed during work time and also when you leave work at the end of the day. The office is closed and you can relax. There are so many self-help sites that will help you to de-clutter your home. I recommend you to go through each room and do it. The emotional weight lifted off your shoulders once you have completed this task will astound you! And then finding your favourite jeans immediately is just as rewarding!

Finally, don’t be afraid to hire an interior decorator, we can help you save money by making your home the sanctuary you deserve – a place that reflects your personality and private space you can relax in.

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